Brush Chipping

Brush Chipping - American Tree Service - brushOffering An Hourly Service

For those of you who want to cut your own trees or brush but don’t have the resources or time to dispose of the brush, we offer an hourly brush chipping service.
We can chip material up to 15" diameter in any lengths and the chipper will take the material as fast as we put it in. We can chip a lot of brush in one hour.

Save Money!

Save money by leaving the brush in long straight pieces so we can hook the wench to it or leave it in many small piles with the ends facing the same direction, and put them near the road or driveway. Larger, tangled piles always take longer!

Call for pricing at (908) 757-0013 (Somerset County) or (609) 882-5009 (Mercer County)

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