Storm Damage and Cleanup Specialists

Storm Damage - American Tree Service - stormRapid-growing trees are particularly susceptible to storm damage. Homeowners should be aware of these characteristics and avoid planting such species close to buildings, utility lines, etc. where potential damage could occur. If such trees are already growing in these locations, some preventive practices, such as pruning and bracing, or cabling, may help reduce the potential of storm damage. This is particularly true as the tree grows in size and the weight and surface of the leaf and branch area increases.

Severely Damaged Trees:

Severe damage consisting of large broken branches, split crotches and/or removal of bark, and splitting or splintering of the trunk can occur. Strong winds, lightning and heavy ice storms are the most probable causes.
Take the time and effort to save a tree only if a substantial portion of the tree remains intact and if, when repairs are made, the tree will still be attractive and of value to the property. We can view your storm damaged tree and help you make an appropriate decision.
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